Unintentional Mother Film Poster

Film poster created for 'Unintentional Mother', the first Canadian film winner of the Kevin Spacey Foundation's Artist of Choice Award. Written, directed and starring upcoming actress Mary Galloway, the film focuses on an Aboriginal girl who must choose between running from her abusive father or staying as a devoted nanny.

The brief was to replicate film posters of the 1970's to coincide with the era the film is based. For me, when I think 70's, I immediately see my mother's old sofa and cushion set, along with our trusty old Westfalia, both of which had that funky orange and brown mix for the upholstery.

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I've treated the images in a grubby, stained effect, recognising that the storyline and content of the film touches upon some dark but important issues. This surrounds Mary's head and thoughts, almost like a dream sequence, echoing the opening line of the film and trailer.

The sepia colour hue resembles the effect of aging in old photographs. The connection we have with photos and how they stir so many memories led me to use this as a way the lead character is looking at her own past and wanting to change the present for the young kid she's caring for.